Sunday, December 12, 2010

Winter Crafting

I'm not particularly in a Christmas mood this year.....been a long tough year for us.  But, celebrating the upcoming NEW YEAR could be inspiring.  I didn't even 'decorate' for Christmas, since there are no kiddies coming to my house this year....*tear~tear*. And, since we haven't even really 'settled' into this house to make it ours yet. That takes T-I-M-E.  (There's always HOPE for Christmas of some sort with my GRANDS next year.)

But, I do like incorporating winter decor into my home. A snowman wreathe greets you at our front door.

I'll find a special place for the glistening winter trees I've been crafting too.  Maybe we'll even get some real SNOW this year.  There were actual snow flurries early this a.m., which rarely do we see this far south.  We can always dream.

While skimming through the craft blogs I love so much, I came across these beautiful recycled trees.  They were originally on Martha Stewart's craft link I believe.  I have seen different versions on some other sites as well.  Since it was basically a rainy, cold, blah Saturday I began to fold, fold, and fold some more pages of old magazines while watching Christmas classics on T.V.  

Here's the project in a nutshell.  I think they'll look beautiful on my kitchen table through the chilly winter months.

The tape measurer is there to hold the pages I've already folded down.

That tail is folded up and then tucked back underneath so you don't see it.  See?  Voila!  It's gone (hidden).

All that 'glitters' is not gold....LOL....sometimes it's silver!

A little silver spray and a sprinkling of glitter and I'm a happy little crafter.  I'm going to do some in gold also.  I'm pretty content with how they turned out.  Now, to find the perfect place to display them through the frigid months ahead.