Sunday, January 9, 2011

Adorable Wreath

It's frigid outside in Memphis today!  The forecast is for snow and wintry conditions to welcome in the evening, which for us is a rare treat.  I'm staying cozy and warm busily creating.  

I love experimenting and trying out other bloggers' shares.
One of the 5 coffee filter wreaths I made as Christmas gifts . . . Cute, huh?

I've actually been going back and forth between several projects the last few days.  Hummmm, wonder what that says about my staying focused?  ;-)

While attempting to sit still and watch television the past few evenings, I've been making paper beads.  Old to some, but quite new to me.  It somehow relaxes me to keep my hands busy, and this task certainly does that.  A little sticky, but other than that really fun.  I made about 100 beads of all sizes the last couple of nights.
BEADS?  They don't LOOK much like beads at this point, do they? :-D  Still have to be varnished.

I'll keep going with that little nightly task until I feel like I have enough beads to put together some nice little jewels. *pun intended*

Today though, I wanted to begin a paper rose wreath that grabbed my attention during the holiday season, when I was crafting/sewing gifts.

Since I didn't have a wreath form available to begin my paper rose wreath, I cut the wreath shape from an old box left from moving.  I'm LOVING the way it looks so far.

Little inside joke about this wreath is that our twenty year old loves the music she grew up hearing us listen to. Most of her friends crack up because she loves the old tunes we love, but it doesn't deter her from listening anyway.  One of the songs that my sweet hubby, Dennis loves (as did his mother) is ♪♫ PAPER ROSES ♫♪.  So while making this cute baby, I've been humming this A LOT while folding the paper strips into capricious little flowers.

Old dictionary, never used since everything's looked up on the computer now.

Make this snake-like design.  I cut 2, 3, 4 out at a time. 

Cut along the line.  If using more than one strip at a time, don't worry about the paper 'fanning'.  It gives your flower a more interesting look.

Start at the outer end and begin rolling the strip to resemble a rose/flower.  I used small dots of hot glue along the way to ensure my flower didn't fall apart.

Begin gluing your different size flowers on your wreath.

I had to stop at this point to make chili for the winter weather eating.  :-)

Tah-Dah!  Love it.

Smaller version, with Valentine embellishment.

Another with additional roses, different color clustered.
So, what do you think?


  1. You can make fabric beads the same way as the paper beads for a little different texture.

  2. Wow Jayn, thanks for the great tip! I love sweet inspiration from friends!