Sunday, January 16, 2011

~Wow~  I was in the 'thought process' of starting a business to supplement my dwindling income (my hours at my regular job have been cut drastically), when BOOM it suddenly took off without me!  :-)

I am calmly (ha-ha) purchasing my fabric, making my patterns, and prototyping everything before making the original.  It's been truly exhilarating.  I haven't had time to stop, think, or consider what if, I'm just DOING IT and THANKING GOD while venturing along this new journey.

Loving animal prints, I decided to try a bag out of upholstery material since it was 50% off.  I wanted it to have that 'wow factor' that always catches my eye. This is the finished product. It has a magnetic clasp and inside is a pocket for a cell phone and pen. 

What's the verdict?  

I'm off to complete my next creation.  Wish me luck.


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